Turn Key Solutions

Modular Turn-key IT Solutions are often all anyone needs…

At Tech Viable we understand that sometimes all you need is a working setup that only takes a short time to setup and implement into your business.

There is a time and a place for everything, and if your time and place only needs a quick setup with everything pre-configured and ready to go, then a Tech Viable Turn-Key IT Solution is what you need.


What is a Modular Turn-Key IT Solution?

Our modular turn-key IT solutions consist of pre-configured hardware with either proprietary licensed software ( i.e. Microsoft) or opensource free licensed software (i.e. Linux) . Our packages consist not only of  your server and/or desktop computer and software but your networking and security as well.

What makes it modular is that you can customize certain aspects of your turn-key solution. This means you can take away or add to your software packages on your server or desktops, as well as the types network hardware you might need.

With the ability to add or select components in your turn-key package, you have a choice of just how big and powerful you want your Turn-key IT system to be. Although there are many options to choose when setting up your systems, we will of course make best recommendations so as to keep your cost low for your business.


Modular Turn-Key IT Hardware brands

We offer a few different choices of Server hardware in our configurations. Typically we use the following for their intended purposes due to the quality and reliability that you need and expect for your IT Solutions:

Providing the Best in hardware from HP and Dell



Dell Hardware


Our recommended server hardware consists of HP and Dell hardware.

There are many benefits to both HP and Dell brand server hardware. Not only do we pass on our savings to you, from partnering with HP and Dell, we also know that we are providing you reliable, high quality IT hardware from them as well. HP and Dell are often contending for the rank of #1 and #2 for best hardware of the year every year.

We feel if prudent to provide both brands for more options within your IT department. We also find there is often a preference between these two brands with our customers and we are happy to comply.  Feel free to check out the details on :

Cisco Hardware

Our recommended networking hardware consists of Cisco brand hardware.

Our Recommendation of networking hardware is Cisco. Cisco has been around a long time and knows what they are doing when it comes to networking. They provide hardware solutions for networking and security that you would rarely find anywhere else.

Our Team is ready to setup your networking solutions whether its by cable or wireless.

Using these brands allow us to pass on to you savings that you would not find else where.