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website dev by techviableWeb Development

With so many options out there for website development and management, it becomes obvious to see what everyone favors in their style. We find that many of our clients prefer a Content Management System to manage their websites.

The most popular is usually WordPress or Joomla.

  • Both are powerful CMS which enable you to get what you want and need on the internet for all to see.
  • Both offer many options to designing a powerful and robust website that promotes your business better than any other marketing can alone.

During your website development process, we utilize the latest technologies in web development to give you the edge, and to provide you a rich, vibrant, and professional website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On top of web Development we also offer Search Engine Management services. These services put you on top of a Google search for anyone looking up your type of business. There may be competition out there for you, but what sets you both apart is your website and whether it has been “search engine optimized”. Don’t let you competition get ahead of you by being on top of a Google search.

Contact us today to give you the edge you need for marketing your website, or to assist in a new website, or even to uplift or manage the one you already have.

 Graphics, Branding , Logo Design and Content Management Systems we use.

  • All graphics art and logo art work are from scratch using Adobe Master Suite.
    • This includes applying the branding to any paraphernalia like shirts, biz cards, magnets, etc. which are all provided AT COST
  • Any Branding that needs to be done we ensure you like what you see.
  • We use WordPress, and Joomla, but we find must of our customers prefer wordpress.

Our Step by Step Plan

Below are the Basic Phases you can expect for progress to be made for your web site and web marketing of your business.

  1. Your Beautiful website will be in the development stage of the site and everything required to show a professional website will be setup.web-design
    • website content development
    • website security configuration
    • website plugins
  2. Website will be setup and I will configure your email accounts for your domain, and as well as tying your current email into your new domain email and any other emails you want.
    • During this phase, we will setup a web-meeting with you to configure your current email account to forward to your new email address through IMAP or POP3 mail configurations, unless you are familiar with doing that yourself.
  3. If  desired, we will then be setting up your “Paid Search Engine Optimization” ..namely a Google click adwords campaign and/or Facebook campaign, and any additional campaigns you desire. This will require the following
    • Setup of your Google Adword Campaign, and implementation of many keywords that will point to your awesome website. ( things people search Google for when looking for your business, etc)
    • Interaction with you to go over your keyword list once its created to weed out any un-needed keywords that you dont want for your business.
    • A web-meeting with you, to finalize your Google campaign setup.
    • I will provide you a demonstration and understanding of what each “click” does for people searching for your business…etc
  4. The Setup of your “Organic Search Engine Optimization” for your website basically rewriting specific areas of the websites content that was provided, to fit into Googles SEO algorithms requirements, and any implementation of content as per Current SEO Standards, etc
    • Setting up your business listings with multiple listing sites, for reviews and organic SEO…etc.
    • Setting up any social networks needed to raise your SEO presence
  5.  Training AND/OR continual monthly support and service – if desired.
    • After everything is finished, we will provide hands on training so you can have a full understanding of everything going on with your site, in case you want to dive into it.
    • If you don’t have time or don’t want to mess with monthly updates and etc on your site, we can handle those services and support for you at roughly $40 an hour.
    • On average most sites need an average of 3-6 hours a MONTH for the following maintenance:
            • WordPress System Updates
            • Theme and plugin Updates
            • Website and Database Backups
            • Security Sweeps to keep site free of things like malware or bad code injected by attacks.
            • Content updates and changes such as adding portfolio content or news/events, etc. (any additional and major changes to the overall website design requires more time to complete)

Your Price- Currently on Sale till November

  1. The overall cost of your website and all included services is $2500 – spread out over 4 months upon receiving the initial deposit of $500 of your first payment.
    • This is done to ensure affordability with most clients.
    • The services you see above are done by most other web development companies often with a cost anywhere from $4000-$8000 depending on “who you have do it” as well as any plethora of bells and whistles you might want to add.
    • We provide the basics and necessities as well as quite a few of the major bells and whistles you would find else where but at a reduced cost that is affordable with out sacrificing quality and professionalism.
  2. The “Bells and Whistles” provided include such major plugins as the following but are not limited to:
    • “Gravity Forms” Web Contact System
    • Security through “Wordfence” and “ithemes Security”
    • SEO through “Yoast SEO”
    • “Woo Commerce” for any e-commerce needs
    • etc


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