Videoconferencing which is a type of “groupware”, is the action of performing  a videoconference through a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to communicate simultaneously through two-way video and audio transmissions.

By reducing the need to travel to bring people together web and videoconferencing saves time and cuts costs on travel, and general cola for non locale hosts and guests alike.

Needing a videoconferencing solution to stay connected with your branch offices, team, shareholders, or clients? Tech Viable has a solution for you that will keep everyone communicating efficiently, quickly, and happily.

Whether you are looking for on site solution, offsite, or hosted with vendor elsewhere…with our large selection of videoconferencing services and technologies we can provide you what you need.

Point to Point: Videophone hardware brands for person-to-person

Stand-alone videophones are point-to-point units not employing Multipoint Control Units also known as centralized distribution and call management systems.

  • AddPac : VP-300, VP-500, Video Phones
  • Avaya : Scopia Video Conference Systems
  • AVer Information: HVC130
  • D-Link: DVC series
  • HP: Halo Telepresence Solutions
  • Leadtek: IP broadband videophone
  • LifeSize: LifeSize Passport Connect, LifeSize Passport & LifeSize Express
  • LG-Nortel: LVP series PSTN, ISDN and IP videophones
  • Polycom: VVX1500 and VVX500 Business media phones
  • Red Embedded Systems: TVPhone (United Kingdom)
  • Tandberg: E20
  • Telio: Telio videotelefon IP3870
  • Worldgate: Ojo PVP series

Videoconferencing and telepresence hardware systems used for multiple participants

These Video conferencing systems allow multiple participants by use of a Multipoint Control Unit unlike the point to point. Please note that some multiple party systems utilize Web-based bridging service providers, which can incur slight time delays.

  • AddPac: VC series, HVC series systems
  • Aethra: X-Line series
  • Audisoft Technologies : Frontline HD, Fronline Communicator FC03
  • Avaya: (Radvision) Scopia systems
  • AVer Information: HVC330, H300
  • BrightCom: Lumina Telepresence
  • Cisco Systems: Cisco TelePresence
  • HP: Halo
  • IOCOM: Visimeet
  • LG-Nortel: LVP series PSTN, ISDN and IP videophones
  • Librestream: Onsight
  • LifeSize: LifeSize Team, LifeSize Room & LifeSize Conference
  • Magor: HD-Duo, HD-Trio
  • Panasonic: VC500
  • Polycom: RPX, OTX, ATX, HDX, VSX series
  • Polycom: VVX
  • Sony: PCS systems
  • Tandberg: T3 Telepresence
  • TrueConf: TrueConf Terminal (Russia)
  • VeaMea: VeaMea Streaming Server & VeaMeaUC
  • Vidyo: VidyoRoom & VidyoDesktop

 Videoconferencing hardware systems meant for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, telemedical and other institutional services

  • Audisoft Technologies : Frontline HD, Fronline Communicator FC03, AudiSee, Audisoft Medical Cart
  • IOCOM: Visimeet
  • IVèS: Total conversation solution (video, voice and real-time text) for Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Text Relay and telemedecine.
  • Librestream: Onsight
  • Mirial s.u.r.l.: PSE Video Contact Center, comprehensive solution for remote audio and video contact services
  • Polycom: Practitioner Cart, HDX Immersive Telemedicine Education systems
  • VeaMea
  • Videoconference bridging service providers
  • BT Conferencing: (NA, APAC, EMEA)
  • ACT Conferencing: (APAC, EMEA, NA)
  • CoroWare Inc.: CoroCall HD Video Conferencing Service
  • VeaMea
  • CBCI Telecom

Webcam hardware brands for use on personal computers Apple: iSight series/components

  • BrightCom: ClearView PC series
  • Creative: Live! Cam series
  • FaceVsion: TouchCam
  • Genius
  • Hama CM Series, plus other various models
  • Hercules: Dualpix
  • Labtec: Labtec WebCam Series
  • Lenovo: Webcam
  • Logitech: QuickCam series
  • Linksys by Cisco
  • Microsoft: LifeCam Series
  • Philips: SPC Webcam Series Samsung
  • Sony: PlayStation EYE webcamera
  • Trust: WB Series, plus various other models

Software clients –general brands

  • AccuConference: Video, Web, Audio Conferencing
  • Adobe Systems: Adobe Connect
  • Audisoft Technologies : Àudisoft Expert, Fronline Central, Frontline PC
  • Avaya: Scopia Desktop and Mobile clients
  • Bistri: One-click Video Chat
  • BrightCom: Visual Collaboration System – VCS
  • Cisco: WebEx
  • Cisco: Jabber
  • CloudVisit Telemedicine: CloudVisit™ Psychiatry
  • Glance Networks
  • GoToMeeting: HD Faces
  • InterCall
  • IOCOM: Visimeet
  • IVèS: Live Video Plugin
  • iWowWe: Video Conferencing Suite
  • Librestream: Onsight Expert Collaboration Software
  • LifeSize: Desktop
  • MegaMeeting
  • Microsoft: NetMeeting
  • Microsoft: Office Live Meeting
  • Mirial s.u.r.l.: Mirial Softphone
  • Nefsis: Nefsis Professional
  • ooVoo: ooVoo (only for Windows or Mac)
  • PGi: iMeet and GlobalMeet
  • Polycom: M100 & PVX
  • Radvision: MTF, VTA & IMS Applications
  • Revation Systems: Revation Communicator
  • SightSpeed: Video Chat
  • Skype
  • Stickam
  • Tandberg: Movi
  • TeamViewer
  • Tokbox
  • TrueConf: TrueConf Server, TrueConf Online
  • VeaMea: VeaMeaUC
  • VideoMost: VideoMost
  • Vidyo: VidyoConferencing
  • VSee
  • vzRoom

 Free Software clients for instant messaging video programs

  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • Camfrog
  • CU-SeeMe
  • Ekiga
  • FilmOn
  • Gmail
  • Google Talk
  • iCall
  • iChat
  • IOCOM: Visimeet
  • MeBeam
  • Microsoft: Windows Live Messenger
  • Microsoft: Windows Live Video Messages
  • ooVoo
  • Paltalk (now PaltalkScene)
  • SightSpeed
  • Skype
  • Stickam
  • Tinychat
  • TrueConf
  • Tokbox
  • Yahoo! Messenger

Software clients for deaf and hard-of-hearing VRS/VRI facilities

  • IVèS: Live Video Plugin
  • Mirial s.u.r.l.: Mirial Softphone

Server Software

  • BrightCom: Visual Collaboration System
  • GNU Gatekeeper
  • IOCOM: Visimeet
  • IVèS  : Total conversation cloud
  • Mirial s.u.r.l.: ClearSea
  • VeaMea